Changes in the Iranian Cinema

Written by Jade in 5 February 94

Speakers & Conference Report

Changes in Iranian Cinema – Paris February 5, 1994

Panel One

Mr. Farokh Ghafari – Director & Filmmaker, France

Mr. Shahrokh Golestan – Filmmaker & Critic, France

Mr. Hormuz Kay – Ph.D. student, France

Mr. Jamshid Golmakani – Filmmaker & Critic, France

Panel Two

Mrs Mojedeh Family – Filmmaker, France

Mr. Ali Amini Najafi – Critic, Germany

Mr. Hamid Fadavi – Ph.D. student, France

Mr. Hormuz Kay – Ph.D. student, France

Mr. Dana Farzanehpour – Filmmaker & student, France

Panel Three

Mr. Jamshid Golmakani – Filmmaker & Critic, France

Mr. Fereydoun Moezi Moghadam – Critic, France

Open Discussions

Chair: Dr Hossein Ladjevardi, ACI

Conference Report

The Iranian ‘Cinema’ has experienced a major upheaval. The short history and production of Pre revolutionary cinema and the events since has influenced the Iranian cinema more than any other social or art form.

To examine this ACI invited experts from the two pre and post-revolution generations of Iran to participate in the seminar and present their viewpoints.

There were many interesting viewpoints and encounters between the two groups which pointed to a very exciting future for the Iranian cinema.

Amongst the topics discussed addressed questions such as:

– Is the Iranian cinema going through its golden phase at present,

– Was the way opened up for them by the past activities of the filmmakers,

– Is today’s cinema a cover up ploy by the Islamic Republic,

– Is it being used as propaganda for the system.

Without doubt, the art of cinema with the hard and persevering work of its dedicated experts has flourished since the revolution. It has found recognition amongst the international community.

Amongst the issues discussed the topic of governmental support played a major role. The question of financial and practical backing of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and what role it played in creating a fertile environment created heated debate.

This made a very lively and informative two days.

ACI – Paris February 1994