• ACI receives no external funding from any public source. We are a member organisation and primarily fund our work from membership contributions and donations. All of our work is carried out by volunteers.


  • Conferences are made possible by donations and conference entrance fees. Costs are kept to a minimum in order to encourage wide participation and all speakers and researchers attend our conferences and seminars at their own expense. Accommodation is kindly offered to conference presenters by ACI members across Europe and America.


  • ACI’s publications are made possible through generous donations by benefactors who are individually acknowledged in each book. Conference videos are made possible by the video director who bears all costs personally.


  • We have on occasion had to develop creative solutions to lack of financial resources available to us. For example, we came to an unusual arrangementwith the School of Oriental and African Studies, London University, whereby we received a discount in the cost of hiring the conference hall in return for two of our members providing carpets on loan to the SOAS Gallery.


None of our work would ever be possible without the generosity and enthusiasm of our volunteers, members, and supporters.