Economy and Oil

Written by Jade in 21 June 93

Economy and Oil

June 1993 – Paris


Prof Hashem Pesaran – Lecturer, Cambridge University, England

Dr Karamat Poursoltan – Lecturer, Maryland University, USA

Dr Fereydoun Khavand – Lecturer, The Sorbonne, France

Dr Mohamad Ali Ala – Lecturer, Imperial College, England

Dr Parviz Mina – International consultant on Oil, France

Economy and Oil – Conference Report

This conference addressed the numerous economic problems and adverse social poverty facing the Iran after the 1979 Revolution.

Experts discussed the dangerous state of the socio-economic situation of present day Iran. Reasons for the present predicament were studied and suggestions for economic reform and reconstruction of a non oil-dependant economy were offered.

The speakers compared the economic growth of Iran to the booming economy of east Asia during the same period. Since the major part of Iran’s economy is dependant on oil, issues and problems of production and sale of Iranian oil was discussed and international experts in this field offered their viewpoints and suggestions for the future.

The day was dedicated to Abolhassan Ebtehaj the instigator of ‘Governmental Planning’ in Iran. The 94 year old Mr Ebtehaj gave an in depth speech in which he pointed out the present economic problems in Iran and wished that with the dedicated work of Iranian experts these problems will be overcome and painted an optimistic picture for the future of Iran. His speech along with all papers submitted to the conference are published in the book of the conference.

Paris June 1993