Problems of Over-Population – The Cairo World Conference

Written by Jade in 16 September 94

Speakers & Conference Report

Problems of Overpopulation – Cairo World Conference, Paris  September 16,1994

Open Discussion

Chair: Dr Hossein Ladjevardi, ACI

Dr Marjon Amouzegar – Head of PR, the Doctor’s Society, France

Dr Farokh Aminzadeh – Manager of Population and work force Dept of the Planning organization, France

Dr Akbar Pouyanfar – Psychiatrist, France

Dr Fereydoun Khavand – Economist, France

Dr Farhad Khosrokhavar – Sociologist & Lecturer, France

Dr Davar Sheykhavandi – Education Specialist, France

Dr Farhad Adle – Doctor, France

Dr Hossein Farahmand – Head of the Doctor’s Society, France


Conference Report

Three days after the world conference of population in Cairo, ACI organised this round table with the help of the Iranian Doctor’s Society in France, to study its findings in relation to Iran.

During the day issues concerning the Iranian population and the world as well as some of the resolutions of the Cairo conferences were discussed.

The problems of population control, the population explosion since the Revolution, lack of dependable statistic, and lack of planning were amongst the most important issues discussed on the day.

The important point was made that the statistics of any country is the basis for its planning and must be completely free and independent from any political play or influence.

Experts and specialist participating in the conference looked at the social, economic, educational and psychological aspect concerning the population based on numerous illnesses that have become apparent recently.

Also, the issue of education and birth control for women to end the population explosion was looked at.

In conclusion the unanimous thought was for the introduction of crucial reforming policies free from any religious or other biased ideologies that could influence the thinking about and application of birth control.

ACI – September 1994