The Persian Gulf – Past, Present & Future

Written by Jade in 21 June 93

Speakers & Conference Report

Iranian Foreign Policy –

The Persian Gulf – past, present and future

Dr Pirooz Mojtahedzadeh – Researcher – Geo-politics, England

Mr. Mehrdad Khonsari– Mr. Mehrdad Khonsari– Researcher – International Relations, England


Mr. Manouchehr Pirooz – Mr. Manouchehr Pirooz – Ex-Governor General of the Ports and Islands of the Persian Gulf France

Conference Report

The recent disturbing events in the Persian Gulf region and the important link of these issues with the destiny of Iran resulted in ACI inviting experienced experts and specialists on the topic to this one day seminar. The aim to discuss and analyse the present situation and offer suggestions for the future of the region.

During the day the complete history of the Gulf islands, Abu Mussa, Greater Tunb – Jazireh-ye Tonb-e Bozorg, and Lesser Tunb – Jazire-ye Tonb-e Kuchek, was studied. The experts considered the geo-political importance of the Persian Gulf and analysed the problems and political issues between Iran, its Gulf neighbours and the region. For Example:

1. Maintaining relations in a logical framework with our neighbours in particular on the southern border where the present problems have arisen.

2. Addressing the needs of the Arab language Iranians south of Iran.

3. Emphasis on solving the problems with the Persian Gulf neighbours in relation to the three islands.

Regional security, Iranian foreign policy on the threshold of year 2000 were also among the topics of discussion.

Also, documents presented during the day proved the name to be ‘Persian Gulf’ and old maps of the region were produced.

All documents and papers presented in the day are published in the book of the conference.

 Paris June 1993