Iran on the threshold of the year 2000

Written by Jade in 21 November 92

Iran on the threshold of the year 2000


Paris – 21-22 November 1992

Iran on the threshold of the year 2000 was the title of this first conference of the Association of Iranian Researchers. The conference saw the participation of more twenty Iranian experts who had gathered from Iran and the rest of the world this sitting in Paris.

The participants presented their constructive views on politics, society and economy of Iran in a tolerant and receptive environment. This according to the international press present was unprecedented in Iran’s contemporary history.

The most important point stressed was the realisation that Iran is neither similar to other third world countries nor is it a Lebanon or Bosnia. With the same token it cannot have golden dreams of equating itself with countries such as Norway or Switzerland. The aim must be the honest and realistic acceptance of the present problems facing Iran and finding relevant solutions for a better future. This can only be achieved by identifying our particular problems and the relevant and logical way forward. And that finally this will take time and hard work.

This particular conference addressed general issues concerning Iran and it aimed to lay the foundation for the future conferences organised by Association of Iranian Researchers.

ACI – November 1992


Dr Ahmad Ashraf – Lecturer, USA

Mehrnoosh Behboudi – Economist, France

Dr Abolghassem Pakdaman – Researcher, Germany

Dr Bagher Parham – Researcher, France

Dr Saeid Payvandi – Lecturer, France

Gisso Jahangiri – Researcher, France

Bijan Hekmat – Republicans of Iran, France

Dr Freydoun Khavand – Lecturer, France

Dr Farhad Khosrokhavar – Lecturer, France

Amir Hooshang Zonozi – Researcher, England

Ramin Kamran – Researher, France

Azadeh Kiyan – Researcher, France

Darius Homayoun – Writer, Switzerland

Dr Hossein Ladjevardi – Researcher, France

Abutorab Mostofi – Journalist, France

Dr Hassan Mansour – Researcher, France

Reza Nasserolahi – Researcher, France

Dr Changiz Pahlavan – Researcher, Iran

Ali Dehbashi – Journalist, Iran