Right to Life and the Death Penalty in Iran Series (4):

Written by ACI in 9 October 23

‘The Role and Responsibility of the International Community’

Date:                 10 October 2023 – 9:30-18:00

Location:          Consiglio Regionale, Via Camillo Cavour, 4, 50129 Florence

On March 15, 2023, UNODC signed a Country Partnership Programme with the Islamic Republic of Iran for 2023-2026. It is stated that this Programme aims to further strengthen the cooperation between the UNODC and Iran on drugs, crime, international criminal justice, corruption, and alternative livelihood through promoting United Nations standards and international best practice.

The UNODC guidance on the protection of human rights in countries where aid is provided for anti-drugs programmes explicitly acknowledges the links between funding and executions and recommends withdrawal of support where improvements were not made. While there is clearly a need for international cooperation on counter-narcotics efforts, this must be proportionate to right to life and respect for human rights.

In view of the increased number of executions in Iran on drugs related charges this year alone, our forthcoming conference will focus of the role and responsibility of the international community:

  1. How is the international community and the UN agencies reconciling the use of the death penalty and lashes as punishments – even for addicts – with United Nations standards and international best practice?
  2. How is the international community and the UNODC resolving the contradictions between cooperation with the IRGC and the regime with the fact that IRGC is complicit in international organised crime and drugs trafficking?
  3. How is the international community and the UNODC resolving the increased numbers of arrests, detentions, torture and ill treatment and unfair biased trials for protestors in the last year with UN standards and international best practice?
  4. What is the role and responsibility of the international community when the State not only fails to protect the safety and security of its people but, poisons, maims, kills and executes its people?


MORNING – 09:30 – 13:00
Mr Ahmad Rafat – Journalist – Iran Human Rights – Introductions
Dr Hossein Ladjevardi – President – ACI – Opening Remarks
Professor Mahmood Amiry Moghaddam – President – Iran Human Rights: Presentation of IHR Annual Report  

Alphabetical order:
Mr Kaku Aliyar – Central Committee Member – Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan
Professor Mahmood Amiry Moghaddam
Mr Xalid Azizi – Spokesperson Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan
Mr Mehdi Nakhl Ahmadi – Representative Baloch Activists
Dr Fereydoon Rahmani – Associate Professor, Chair of Human Rights and Social Equity Program – York University Canada
Ms Niloufar Samimi – Independent Researcher – Right to Life and International Responsibility –  zoom
Ms Mona Seilawi – Chair Tazamon Democratic Party Of Ahwaz – Zoom
Ms Rouhi Shafii – Writer – Women’s Rights Defender – Right To Life And Honour Killings in Iran
Nargess Mansouri – Message from Iran
Dr Guiti Pourfazel – Message from Iran
Dr Kourosh Zaim – message from Iran
Azad Farasani – Video presentation
Yazdan Shohadaei – Video presentation

Afternoon – 15:00 – 18:00
Roya Kashefi – Head of Human Rights – ACI – Panel Discussant
Ahmad Rafat – Introductions
Address from President of Tuscany Regional Council – Antonio Matzzeo
President of Florence City Council – Luca Milani
Severino Saccardi – TESTIMONIANZE
Vincenzo Vita – Articolo 21
Professor Javaid Rehman – United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran
Ms Tara Azizi – Human Rights Lawyer –An Assessment of International Standards of Best Practice and Violation of Rights in Iran
Ms Negin Shiraghaei –Investigative Journalist – Azadi Network – Right To Life and the IRGC
Professor Mahmood Amiry Moghaddam – Drug Offenders; Low Cost Victims of Iranian Regime’s Killing Machine

In Collaboration With: Testimonianze, Iran Human Rights – Italia Supported by: Consiglio Regionale della Toscana