Anniversary of the Student Demonstration

Written by Jade in 4 July 00

Date:    4 July 2000

Ref:      41 / M / 147


Marking the anniversary of the Student Movement and People Awareness


  • One year has passed since the inhumane raid on the student’s dormitory.
  • One year has passed since the brutal attack on the defenseless students and people who where demanding their just rights.
  • Over one and a half year has passed since the heinous murders of Parvaneh and Darioush Foroohar
  • Over one and a half year has passed since the murders of Mohamad Mokhtari, Mohamad Jaffar Pouyandeh, Majid Sharif, Ghafar Hosseini, Hossein Barazande, Mir-Allaie, and Ahmad Tafazoli.
  • Over one and a half year has passed since the kidnapping and disappearance of Pirooz Davani.
  • Over one year has passed since the local Council elections. Its chief and number one representative is in prison and second representative has had an unsuccessful attempt made on his life with his assassins seemingly pardoned.
  • Over one and a half year has passed since the announcement that the special committee set up by the President will report its findings concerning the chain of assassinations.
  • During the last year eighteen newspapers have been closed down, and
  • Ultimately three years and two months have passed since the election of President Khatami into office.

Is it not time yet to ask the protector of the Constitution who constantly talks of keeping within the law and lawfulness what he is waiting for? Why does he not even refer to the difficulties and problems let alone act on them?

Let us not forget that in this notice we are only addressing the political problems and not the economic, social and cultural problems plaguing the country today.

We hope that the above reminders can at least control emotions and excitement and replace it with principles and logic for us Iranians.


Association des Chercheurs Iraniens – ACI