Open letter 4: To Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder during Khatami’s visit to Germany

Written by Jade in 6 July 00

Thursday, 06 July, 2000

Ref: 42 / M / 148


Dear Chancellor Schroder

Association of Iranian Researchers would like to draw your attention to a few observations with reference to the forthcoming visit of Mr. Mohamad Khatami the President of the Islamic Republic to Germany:

Human Rights Issues


  • During the last three years, one of the most unusual events in Iran’s history has taken place.
  • Both the government and the regime of the Islamic Republic have confessed to state sponsored terrorism and assassinations of their own opposition.
  • This has not stopped yet.
  • Despite many promises and reassurances, no report has been produced yet concerning the perpetrators of these heinous crimes and the events concerning the ‘chain of assassinations’ are still covered with a veil of obscurities.
  • In the last year, eighteen newspapers have been closed.
  • The arrest and torture of their editors, writers and other intellectuals and free thinkers is still going on.
  • On the threshold of the anniversary of the student uprising the persecution of the students demanding their rights and freedom has not stopped.
  • Blatant violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenants on Human Rights, and other human rights instruments have been observed.

We would like to draw your attention to annual reports (2000) amongst many others:

  • Amnesty International
  • Human Rights Watch and
  • UNHCHR report by:

Special Representative of the Commission on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran(E/CN.4/2000/35) Clause 3 (15 April 1997) and,

E/CN.4/2000/64 Clause 58 and 59 (21 December 1999) prepared by the Economic and Social Council,

E/CN.4/2000/L.16 Clause 3 (10 April 2000) prepared by the Economic and Social Council.


Social Issues

  • A precise and academic look at Iran indicates that over 72% of Iran’s population is under the age of thirty
  • There is no concrete and practical social agenda addressing their needs resulting in social despondency
  • Moral Corruption such as prostitution regardless of their sex, drug addiction, drug dealing, and theft are rife, evident, and are experienced by all families.
  • Asylum seeking and escaping out of Iran is on the increase.

We would like to draw your attention to:

  • Governmental statistics and
  • Report published by ‘Jamiyat Aftab’ (non-governmental organisation active in fighting drug addiction in Iran) on 10 December 1999 on Drug Addiction in Iran.
  • The recent speech made by the Information Minister concerning the internal threat caused by the needs of the young.

Economic Issues

We are certain you are aware of the great wealth and economic potential that Iran:

  • is rich in its natural, mineral and mining resources
  • can generate and have a very healthy tourist industry
  • can develop other industries in Iran and the region

The above is only possible with a clear and unequivocal economic programme and without the need of foreign borrowing.

In the absence of such a programme, political and social instability and, crippling Islamic laws governing the economy have together created lack of security for investors. Not only has favourable foreign investment not been attracted into the country but also it has caused over one thousand companies and investors to leave Iran and set up in the neighbouring countries.

We would like to draw your attention to an article in London Financial Times published 27 June 2000.

Employment Issues

Lack of jobs and unemployment have made the government to address this in their ‘Third Programme’. According to this, President Khatami’s government has declared that:

  • They will endeavour to create 765000 jobs annually
  • The number of people entering the employment market is almost 1,200,000
  • Only 62,000 jobs have been created prompting members of Majlis and the responsible ministers to debate and admit that this is an impossible task.

We would like to draw your attention to the latest figures published by the Budgeting and Planning Organisation published in 1999.

Political Issues

The harsh and brutal oppression of political dissent since last year has escalated into new heights.

  • Anyone with anything to say that may raise awareness to the injustices of the Islamic system has been arrested and detained without charge or fair trial.
  • Factional differences and infighting has created a great deal of unrest and instability in every aspect of the nation’s life
  • Violent behaviour has escalated in unprecedented proportions.With regret Association of Iranian Researchers has to yet again warn that Iran is speeding towards another explosion unless the needs and the rightful demands of the people are answered.

Again, we would like to draw your attention to the Human Rights reports mentioned above. As well as reports and open letters published by Association of Iranian Researchers (32/M/105 – 20 June 1999), (34/M117 – 11 July 1999), (37/M136 – 10 January 2000).

It is worth noting that the Association of Iranian Researchers that has based the foundation of its activities on finding the best solutions for Iran’s future had twice previously officially and publicly invited President Khatami and his expert advisors to an open debate on issues concerning the present and future of Iran. One can only assume that his notion of ‘dialogue between civilisations’ excludes dialogue between Iranians or perhaps his policies and the lack of achievement of his election promises are not defendable.

Sir, The unbiased conclusion of the Mykonos trial and its findings are remembered and very much respected by Iranians everywhere. Association of Iranian Researchers is certain and assured that that the German government observes and respects the international agreements and Human Rights Conventions. We are certain that in your dealings with President Khatami the fair and unbiased position taken by the German Government will continue towards the Iranian nation. It is because of this very behaviour that Germany and its government has a special and honoured position amongst Iranians.

Respectfully Yours

Dr Hossein Ladjevardi

President, Association of Iranian Researchers

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