Right to Life and Death penalty in Iran – 2

Written by Jade in 18 January 14

18 – 19 January 2014

Thirty two speakers participated in this the second of ‘Right to life and Death penalty in Iran’ series of conferences, again held in Koln – Germany.

Don’t bury my heart‘ a touching and powerful documentary about minors on death row in Iran made by Saba Vasefi featuring the story of Ali Mahin Torabi was also shown during the two days . A phone conversation with Ali Mahin Torabi and his gratitude to those who fight for the rights of minors on deathrow in Iran touched many present at the conference.

ACI also presented the findings of its research on public attitude to death penalty at the conference.

As always voices from Iran provided the latest news about the current situation and  the efforts by right to life defenders. The two main topics of discussion were right to life and activism, and the use of death penalty in Iran by the regime as a tool of oppression and fear. Human rights defenders, journalists, political activists and representatives of Iran’s ethnic and religious groups particpated in the lively debates of the two days. Films of the conference are available on ACI’s YouTube channel


Kourosh Zaim – Iran (via Skype)

Mohammad Mostafaie – Sweden

Abdolsattar Doshoki – UK

Bahram Abar – Germany

Kouhyar Goudarzi – Turkey (via Skype)

Azar Majedi – UK

Mehrdad Darvishpour – Sweden

Abdolreza Ahmadi – The Netherlands

Farhang Ghassemi – France

Saba Vasefi – film presentation – Don’t bury my heart

Activist from Iran – via skype – identity protected

Ladan Boroumand – USA (via Skype)

Hossein Ladjevardi – Navid Fazel  – ACI Research findings

Mina Ahadi – Germany

Abdolreza Karimi – Germany

Mahvash Alasvandi – Canada ( her two sons were executed in Iran)

Reza Kaabi

Kaweh Ahangari – Belgium

Nader Zahedi – Germany

Mohammad Mesri

Faramarz Bakhtiar

Khaled Hassanpour

Shahryar Naghshbandi

Saleh Hamid

Amjad Hossein Panahi  – (report from Sunni and Kurdish prisoners on deathrow in Iran)

Mohaammad Nayeri – UK

Hossein Bagherzadeh – UK

Mitra Khalatbari

Sepideh Pouraghaie – France

Vahid Sadeghi  Shirazi – UK

Jamshid Faroughi – Germany

Ahmad Rafat – UK