In Celebration of Iranian Women – IWD 2008

Written by Jade in 8 March 08

International Women’s day 2008

Frontline Club – 13 Norfolk Place, London W2 1QJ

Paddington Underground Station

Time: 14:30 – 17:00

Date: Saturday 8 March 2008


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On March 8th 2008, International Women’s Day, Association des Chercheurs Iraniens (ACI) will launch a year long programme of celebrations to honour the courage and achievements of Iranian women under oppression.

Faced with social and legal discrimination, as well as cultural barriers, Iranian women have found creative and inspirational ways of working towards gaining equal social and political rights. And remarkably, despite facing extreme, many times violent, opposition against their demands women have remained at the epicentre of social change.

Without a doubt, international awareness and recognition of their achievements will offer them moral support and relative protection. The focus of ACI’s roundtable is the important role international organisations can play in supporting and empowering grassroots organisations and NGOs in campaigning for equal rights.

The proceedings will open with Shirin Razavian, exiled poet and campaigner for free press in Iran, who will recite two of her poems.

ACI is proud to present Shirin a 17-year-old Iranian-British singer who will perform her song ‘Nothing can change’ which she has written in honour of International Women’s Day inspired by women and their struggles all over the world, especially Iran. The message of her song is one of women coming together to strive for equality and an end to the violence and suffering that affects not only women but in fact everyone on the planet.

 ACI is also happy to welcome Divine Divas to its celebration on 8 March 2008. ‘Divine Divas’ are an ensemble of talented musicians dedicated to promoting songs for and by women who have been brought together from various corners of the planet to share a new song with a positive message to mark IWD ’08. ‘Women Awake!’ celebrates the role both men and women can play in establishing a new culture of equality essential for our survival.

Roya Kashefi – ACI

Welcome Note – Situation for Women in Iran today

WATCH (15 minutes)

(accompanied by a five minute film [silent] – WATCH)

Panel Discussion: 

Can international organisations  play an  important role in supporting and empowering grassroots organisations and NGOs in campaigning for equal rights.

Chair: Roya Kashefi – Human Rights Committee – ACI

  • Sally Spear 

United Nations Development Fund for Women – UNIFEM-UK

WATCH (9 mins)

  • Mitty Tohma – President – UK

Women’s Federation for World Peace – WFWP (General Consultative Status of ECOSOC and DPI Associates with the United Nations)

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WATCH (5 Mins)

  • Elizabeth Sidney OBE – Human Rights Advocate

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WATCH (8 mins)

  • Tahirih Danesh – Human Rights Researcher/Documenter

WATCH (9 mins)

16:00 Q & A
16:30 BREAK – followed by live music performances
16:40 Divine Divas – “Women Awake!”
Shirin – “Nothing Can Change”
17:00 Close

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Date:    20 February 2008