Terror in USA

Written by admin in 12 September 01

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Date: Wednesday, 12 September 2001

Without a doubt, the heinous terrorist attacks in the United States of America will be recorded as one of the most evil events of the twenty first century. We must declare our abhorrence and disgust and honour the memory of the victims who innocently lost their lives.

Once again, this recent carnage has demonstrated that we cannot and must not ignore terrorism in the world. To find the root cause of today’s terrorist actions there is no choice but to question the support of the world super powers for several Middle Eastern terrorist regimes who back international terrorism. Turning a blind eye to state sponsored terrorism for the sake of lucrative financial contracts and imaging that the terror will only effect the dissidents of those regimes has sadly proved fatal for the ‘West’.

Today, the disaster with its far-reaching catastrophic dimensions has happened but we must learn form this. We must resolutely condemn terrorism in its entirety and then work to eradicate and destroy the roots of state sponsored terrorism.


The Association of Iranian Researchers.