Examination of Women’s Issues in Connection with the Peking WorldConference

Written by Jade in 16 September 95

Speakers & Conference Report

Examination of Issues concerning Women – Peking World Congress – 

Paris September 16, 1995

Open Discussion

Chair: Dr Hossein Ladjevardi, ACI


Dr Akram Mirhosseini – Researcher & Head of Iranian Women for Democracy Movement, France

Dr Saied Peyvandi – – Lecturer, France Dr Saied Peyvandi – Lecturer, France

Ms Afsaneh Khakpour –  – Researcher, France  – Researcher, France

Ms Jamileh Nedaie –  Leftist Activist, France

Conference Report

After the close of the fourth international women’s conference in Peking in September 1995, ACI organized this gathering with two of its speakers having been present at the Peking World Conference.

They presented a report on the findings of the conference and its findings and decisions were discussed.

The second part of this gathering addressed the problems of women in Iran, their historical and present standing which included topics such as legal rights, education and employment. Socio-economic issues of a growing country and the role of women within it was another of the topics presented for discussion.

The issues concerning Post-revolution Iran and its consequences for Iranian women who despite numerous restrictions and pressures have fought for their rights and place within the Iranian society was one of the highlights of this gathering.

The participation of Iranian women as independents, members of organizations or representatives of the Iranian government at the Peking meeting and their continued insistence on their rights by women in and out of Iran demonstrated their determination in achieving their rightful place within the Iranian society.

The conference benefited from the lively discussions in the question and answer sessions with the audience.

The day concluded with the participants stressing the need to bring to front the problems facing Iranian women in Iran and fighting for improvements.

ACI – Paris September 1995