Socio Cultural Problems

Written by Jade in 21 April 00

A series of studies on the widespread socio-cultural problems facing Iran today

ACI is planning a series of seminars and roundtables to examine the socio-cultural problems facing Iran today. We believe that to be effective in developing new solutions we need to understand the historical and cultural context which has led to:

lack of self-belief in individuals
lack of confidence and self-belief at societal level 
lack of self-reliance
disillusionment and mass hopelessness
mass depression
indifference towards the future 
indifference towards society and …

ACI invites experts, researchers and all those with knowledge and expertise to participate in these roundtables to further our understanding of such issues. We are interested in studies which may shed light on the social, historical and political antecedents to issues we’ve outlined above, studies which examine the current social context and those which propose innovative new ways forward. Our aims in holding these roundtables are to develop new thinking about the politics of change, and to identify new ways of working which may contribute to this change.


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