Open letter to President Bush

Written by Jade in 28 April 02

Ref: 75 / M / 224

Date: April 28, 2002

Dear President Bush

The suggested legislation of the US Senate on 18th of April concerning the limitation of US visa for Iranian people and citizens of six other countries has troubled the Iranian community in the US and the rest of the world and raised numerous questions.

For Iranians in the first instance there is unreserved sympathy followed by deep respect for the American nation who have suffered directly as the result of terrorism and fully accept the right for its law makers to want to fight this evil in any way possible. While the majority of Iranians see themselves as partners in this fight, they are looking for logical answers in response to the contradictory and imprecise points that exist within this legislation.

  • For Iranians there is this question that do the American authorities see the roots and origin of terrorism be it direct terrorist acts, the training of terrorists, or providing financial support for it within the context of the Islamic Republic’s rulers or the Iranian nation?
  • For Iranians there is this question that as the US President on the occasion of Noeruz, the Iranian New Year, speaks of the ancient Iranian civilisation, is he calling Iranians and their ancient civilisation terrorist or the Islamic Republic rulers governing their land?
  • For Iranians there is this question that is the US government really looking for the roots of terrorism and if so is it not aware that the heart of terrorism is state sponsored terrorism of the kind that is ingrained within the Islamic Republic and until they and their ideology survive in its entirety or in any shape or form the expectation of any peace or security is futile?
  • For Iranians there is this essential question that do the US authorities not know that about seventy one million Iranians in pursuit of their national and Iranian identity are opposed to the rulers whose fundamental thinking is based on terrorism and that the perpetuity of their rule is also dependent on it?
  • For Iranians there is this question that do the US authorities not know that if the terrorists of the Islamic Republic wish to travel to the USA they would not need to travel under the guise of tourists, students, business people, ill people and so forth and that they can do so under the direct or indirect diplomatic framework, either through the offices looking after their interests, or through the so called cultural organisations and their office at the United Nations?
  • For Iranians there is this question that what then would be the difference between the relatives of over ‘one million successful Iranians’ who wish to visit them in the US or even those fleeing persecution at the hands of the agents of the Islamic Republic? Could you and would you call all them terrorists?

Sir, with all due respect, in consideration of the above stated questions we at ACI would like to inform you that passing of this legislation with your signature could be seen as a direct insult to Iranians which could in itself become an obstacle in the Iran – US relation even after the Islamic Republic. We look to you to remove Iran’s name from this list.

With Respect

Hossein Ladjevardi

President, Association des Chercheurs Iraniens