Islamic Republic on the Verge of 1978?

Written by Jade in 23 April 00

Ref: 39 / M / 140

Date: 23 April 2000

 “The trend of change in Iran”

The Islamic Republic

on the verge of 1978?

Association des Chercheurs Iraniens (ACI), an organisation dedicated to unbiased research and study of issues concerning Iran and its future, sums up the present situation in Iran as follow:

In a space of twenty two years Iran is once again faced with the dilemma it found itself in 1978 be it for different reasons. At that time the Shah’s regime was condemned to two choices: persecution and carnage or observing human rights and freedom. Although his regime was served by disciplined armed forces with one command, for reasons that do not concern this report, he chose the latter and we have witnessed its consequences.

Today for many varying reasons and the very nature of despotic and persecutory regimes, the Islamic Republic finds itself in exactly the same spot. Due to the debilitating position of the present regime, the chiefs of its army threaten the nation with executions and coup d’etat and like many other weak and threatened undemocratic governments, other bodies resort to kidnapping and the assassinations of scholars and free thinkers. They are unaware that the problems facing Iran will not be resolved by internal political fighting but answers must be found for an impoverished society, which has been humiliated, striped of its national identity and is demanding its rights.

One must not forget that Iran’s present problems are not necessarily political. But as a result of the regime and Khatami’s government’s failure in finding and implementing correct cultural and socio-economic cures only the solution will be political.

The Islamic Republic may have resorted to persecution and rule by fear but they are unaware that the process of change instigated by the people has come too far to be stopped now.

The people of Iran as is clearly evident ridicule the Vali Faghih and his rule the legislative force and its decrees and the military chiefs with their empty threats and they do not believe in them. They do believe in their own united power and as in 1979 recognising the soldiers and Pasdaran as one of their own depend on them.

History has shown that creating an atmosphere of terror, closure of newspapers, arresting journalists and persecution will have a reverse effect to that intended.

Today, as the Shah in 1978, the Islamic Republic has two ways forward persecution and carnage or observing human rights and freedom. However, whichever it chooses it is condemning itself to death. Persecution and terror will not be tolerated and freedom will eradicate the Islamic Republic and its rulers.