Kharazi Visit to London

Written by Jade in 10 January 00

Monday, January 10, 2000

Ref: 37 / M /136


The Right Honourable Tony Blair

Prime Minister

10 Downing Street





Meeting with Kamal Kharazi, Islamic Republic of Iran’s Foreign Minister

Association of Iranian Researchers, with respect, subsequent to Britain’s improved relations with Islamic Republic of Iran and the imminent meeting with its Foreign Minister would like to draw your attention to the following points:

  • As I am sure you are aware, ‘Britain’s new found role in international politics’, ‘creative diplomacy’, ‘twin-track policy towards Iran’ and the exchange of ambassadors for the first time since the Islamic Revolution is purely a market led policy which benefits Britain financially and creates a positive reputation for the Islamic Republic. According to documented evidence, there has been no significant change in Islamic Republic’s policy towards its support of international terrorism or better observance of human rights for its citizens.

  • During the last two and a half years despite strong support of Britain and the ‘western world’ for President Khatami reform policies Islamic Republic’s human rights records have in fact worsened as testified by a ‘chain’ of political assassinations, mysterious kidnappings, ‘disappearances’ and executions.

  • The acceptance of assurances from Kamal Kharazi at UN regarding the fate ofSalman Rushdie is no more than a political game by both sides for economic gain. There is still no practical way in revoking the fatwa and to date no religious point of reference has accepted to revoke it.

  • The Islamic Republic’s regime has offered no real solution for the problems facing its near 70 million population such as ‘real’ education, employment, housing, healthcare etc. A young population made up of 53% below the age of 20 and 70% under the age of 30 which has no hope for the future.

  • The Islamic Republic has based its survival and grasp on power on international trade contracts which are not necessarily in the best interest of the Iranian nation in the long term.

Sir, as you have said in your New Year address ‘even politics is globalised … Today, conflicts rarely stay local: all of us are affected by it. No solution but a global one, works.’ With this in mind, no government should disregard the rights of another even if it is for its own economic gain. Economic support and encouragement for any intolerant dogmatic dictatorship will in the long term prove fatal.

The trend of global economy means that growing countries like Iran will remain a ‘buyer’ no matter who is in charge and countries such as Britain will remain the ‘provider’. Is it then in the global interest to support a dictatorship?

With the hope that since ‘there is now a different Government in Britain today, governing with a different set of values to our Conservative predecessor’ Britain’s name will improve in the mind of Iranians and the age old suspicions towards Britain are put to rest.

Finally our eight years old Association has dedicated itself in the study and finding solutions to the issues facing Iran and its future. Based on over thirty international meetings and conferences if the present world policies prevail and the government in Iran carries on without any concrete programme and solutions Iran is heading for another major crisis and explosion.

To reiterate as you rightly pointed out ‘Today, conflicts rarely stay local: all of us are affected by it.’

 Yours sincerely


Dr Hossein Ladjevardi

President, Association of Iranian Researchers