Open letter 3 – to Mr Khatami

Written by admin in 11 July 99

11 July 1999

To Seyed Mohamad Khatami. the President of the Islamic Republic

Following our second open letter to you – 32/M/115, 20 June 1999 – exactly 21 days a go, we have witnessed a series of grievous events in Iran that although tragic did not come as a surprise to us.

Association of Iranian Researchers dedicated in studying the problems and issues concerning every day lives of Iranians and their future had predicted such an uprising and had warned you of it. Today, we see the future of Iran pregnant with more impending incidents. Before their occurrence, we would like to ask you the following questions:

  • Is it not time yet for you to tell the people of Iran whether your first priority is the prosperity of Iran and Iranians or maintaining a divine government, the ‘Vali Faghih’ and the Islamic Republic?
  • Is it not time yet to bravely inform the people of Iran that your government is not capable of realising its promises of civil society and political freedom and that it is a government with no real authority?
  • Is it not time yet for you to choose where you stand? You must inform the people of Iran whether you see them as your protector and your pride or whether your pride is serving in a ‘divine’ system?
  • Is it not time yet for you to apologise for creating golden dreams which you have not been able to realise and the chaos and the bewilderment of the last two years?

Sir, perhaps once again the ‘Ansare-hezb-allah’ and the ‘Hezb-allah‘ with the help of the oppressive elements of the regime can ruthlessly attack our defenseless nation. Perhaps you may be able to delay the nation’s demands with showcase dismissals of one or two officials.

However, you must be aware that the next time the people will not call for your presence and support in the face of bloody violence. As mentioned by a high-ranking member of the regime ‘the flood of people’s rightful demands will sink the boat and its crew in one move.’

Association of Iranian Researchers