Open letter 2 – to Mr Khatami

Written by Jade in 20 June 99

Ref: 32/M/105
20 June 1999

To Seyed Mohamad Khatami, the President of the Islamic Republic

While assessing your performance two years after your election to office in May 1997, it would be unfair to disregard ‘political expansion’ in Iran’s evolving society. However, the people of Iran are tired and weary with the absolute rule of the ‘Vali Faghih‘. As on previous occasions, in their excitement they have forgotten to ask you also for a concrete plan for your term of office. They see the realisation of their dreams in your smile. It will only be a fitting reply to this blind faith and a sign of respect for their trust if you officially tell them:

  • Where does your true political loyalty lie? Are you really making an effort in creating a civil society where the will of the people rules or ‘your pride is living in a country governed by the Vali Faghih’? Moreover, do you not think this contradictory?
  • Where do your true social beliefs lie? Do you see yourself chosen by the people and protected by them? On the other hand, do you see yourself as the representative of Vali Faghih? Do you see Iran’s future ruled by an absolute ruler and not a free and independent Iran?
  • Where do you stand in defending the law? Why did you promise to persist in finding the perpetrators of the ‘heinous murders’ when it seems that you have also agreed that the commotion concerning the murders should be quietened without much fuss. Was it not because of this that Mr. Niazi made his conclusions? Where you satisfied with his findings or are you powerless to protest? Would it not have been better if you too had informed the people of your findings and at the same time revealed the findings concerning the assassinations of Assadollah Ladjevardi who knew most about the murderous activities of the regime or Sayad Shirazi who was planning a coup?
  • Where is your economic policy for running the country?
    • a) Why do you not tell the nation that for maintaining the Islamic Republic and Vali Faghih and not for the benefit of Iran, you have signed treaties similar to ‘Golestan’ and ‘Torkamanchai’. They should know that in all their excitement of reaching a civil society what sort of future is being planned for them.
    • b) Why do you not inform the nation that contrary to the constitution private ‘gas and oil’ companies have been set up and run by a few first class citizens?
  • Why do you not tell the nation what your plans are for over forty five million people under the age of thirty who have no future within the Islamic Republic?What are your plans for the rest population who are suffering back breaking inflation and high prices?Sir, according to you the people of Iran must be satisfied with ‘the Benevolence of God, the Justice of Imam Sadegh, the Great Leader of the Revolution and the guidance of the Vali Faghih’. Do you not think that again you have made the people distrustful of God’s benevolence, Imam Sadegh’s Justice and abhor the leadership more?One must not forget that the evolving trend of Iran’s society at present is such that cannot be stopped. If you are unable to answer the nation’s demands, they will not wait forever. One must also not forget that the outcome of these changes are not always predictable.


Dr Hossein Ladjevardi
President, Association of Iranian Researchers