Program 2001

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‘The Future of Iran’

A Study of Social, Economic, Political Issues and Asylum Seeking By Iranians

9, 10 and 11 February 2001

SOAS – London University – Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1

The conference aims to bring together different experts, charities and organisations to share opinions and experiences as well as formulating recommendations to be promoted on an international level

Entrance: Donation of ?2.00 per day

  • Friday 9 February 2001

Brunei Gallery – SOAS

British Asylum Seeking Policy and its consequences – Recommendations


Language: English

16:00     Opening Speeches

Roya Kashefi – Iranian Research and Advice Centre

Maryam Namazi – International Federation of Iranian Refugees

Ricahrd Lumley – Refugee Council

Nirmala Rajasingam – Lawrence Lupin Solicitors

Mick Chatwin – Asylum Expert – Solicitor

Topics of Discussion:

  • A report on the British Asylum Seeking policy and its consequences
  • The plight of Iranian Asylum Seekers in Britain – Case Study Ramin Khaleghi
  • Current Procedural Problems with the new System
  • Refusals and Appeals procedure
  • The Way Ahead – offering recommendations for improving the system

Open Debate

20:30     End.



  • Saturday 10 February 2001

Main School Lecture Theatre – SOAS

Issues and problems of Iranian Asylum Seekers internationally – Recommendations

Language: Farsi

14:00     Start

Hamid Nozari – The Centre of Iranian Refugees in Germany

Taher Sadigh – Journalist – Producer Radio Pejvak Sweden

Asghar Nosrati – Iranian Federation in Sweden

Maryam Namazi – Iranian Federation of Iranian Refugees

Nasrin Parvaz – researcher, writer

Topics of Discussion:

  • Asylum seeking and its roots in Iran
  • Asylum seeking, Racism and Segregation in Sweden
  • Issues concerning the Iranian communities internationally and asylum seekers
  • Women and asylum seeking

Open Debate

20:30     End


  • Sunday 11 February 2001

Main School lecture Theatre – SOAS

Discussion on Economic, Political and Social Issues Facing the Future of Iran

Language: Farsi

14:00     Start

(in alphabetical order)

Parviz Dastmalchi – Researcher and writer

Dr Mehrdad Khonsari – The Constitutionalist Movement of Iran – FL

Dr Hossein Ladjevardi – Association of Iranian Researchers

Dr Hassan Mansour – Economist, University Lecturer

Azar Majedi –  Workers Communist Party

Roben Markarian – Organisation of the Revolutionary Workers of Iran – Rahe Kargar

Yasmin Mitz – Workers Left Unity of Iran

Topics of Discussion:

  • Topical Political and Economic issues
  • The legitimate place of religious minorities
  • The Constitutional Law of the Islamic Republic
  • Political alternatives for the future of Iran

Open Debate

20:30 End