Socio-Political Thinking in Iran -Speakers

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February 1995

SOAS – London University 

Opening Remarks

Speakers       Conference Report

Day One

The Nationalist Movement

Mr. Mehrdad Arfazadeh – The National Front of Iran, France

Dr Ahmad Tahmassebi – Writer and Researcher, Germany

Dr Ali Rasekh-Afshar – The National Front of Iran, Germany

Dr Farhad Khosrokhavar – Lecturer, France


Day Two

The Leftist Movement

Dr Mohamad Omidvar – The Tudeh Party of Iran, England

Mr. Babak Amir Khosravi – People’s Democratic Party of Iran, France

Mr. Nader Baktash – The workers’ Communist party of Iran, France

Dr Manouchehr Sabetian – Head of Student Confederation, England

Mr. Bijan Hekmat – Nationalist Republicans of Iran, France

Mehrdad Darvishpour – Researcher & Leftist activist, Sweden

Mr. Farokh Negahdar – Head of international relations, The Organization of Iranian People’s Fedayeen (Majority), England

Mr. Ali Keshtegar – Editor of ‘Meehan’ monthly publication, France


Day Three

The Monarchist Movement

Mrs. Effat Dadashpour – Journalist & Researcher, Austria

Dr Abdolmajid Majidi – Minister of Planning & Budget, France

Dr Habibolah Dadfar – Former Member of Parliament, France

Mr. Darius Homayoun – Minister of Information & Tourism, Switzerland

Mr. Shoja-oldin Shafa – Head of The Royal Library, France

Mr. Reza Hossein-Bor – The Constitutional Movement of Iran, England

Mr. Mehrdad Khonsari – Researcher, International Politics, England


Day Four

The Religious Movement

Mr. Hassan Shariatmadarie – Nationalist Republicans of Iran, Germany

Dr Ali Reza Nourizadeh – Journalist & Researcher, England

Dr Mehdi Haeri – Clergy & Researcher, Germany

Dr Abbas Mohajerani – Clergy & Researcher, England


Open Discussions

Chair: Dr Hossein Ladjevardi, ACI