An Assessment of the Region’s Popular Movements and their Effect on the Events in Iran

Written by Jade in 27 September 17

Internet Survey – April – June 2011


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Encouraged by and supportive of the recent developments in the MENA region our respondents believe that the Islamic Republic is frightened and will increase its repressive actions to keep itself in power. There is a strong consensus that the popular movement for democracy in Iran needs the support of the international community to succeed. This is particularly important since there is a strong belief amongst our respondents that foreign political interest in the region is solely for foreign economic gain. Firmly against any kind of military intervention in Iran, they ask for political isolation of the Islamic regime and prohibition of travel for its leaders. They also ask for technological support from the international community to enable them to have safe internet access as internet is not only the most important tool in their hands, in particular for exchange of information, but is also a lifeline.

The majority of our respondents were of the opinion that, today, the goal of the Green Movement is to overthrow the regime while others believed in reforming the existing system. They also stated that the Green Movement proved that the regime cannot be reformed. A quarter of the respondents believed that democratic rule can be achieved through separation of state from religion while 45% believed in the overthrow of the Islamic Republic as the only way to bring about democratic rule.

Not surprising after the 2009 presidential elections, the top concern expressed by the respondents was political. ‘Lack of a democratic system’ was the top concern for both men and women inside Iran. This was closely followed by concerns about economic instability, lack of public safety and security and job security. Religious and gender discrimination were amongst the top five expressed concerns.

There is a general hopelessness with which the future is viewed by the respondents from within Iran; yet, there is room for hope since despite the high number of those who have expressed they are thinking of leaving Iran, there is an increase in the number of those who have categorically stated that they will not leave Iran compared to previous surveys.

Download the findings in PDF

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