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Written by admin in 22 April 16

ACI is a worldwide intellectual forum of Iranian experts and scholars whose purpose is to offer a framework for the future of a democratic Iran. Our work centres on social, political, cultural, and economic planning for the future of Iran. Our members and associates hold a diverse range of opinions, expertise and experience, and come together with the single unifying aim of creating a positive future for Iran. Iranian experts from Iran and the rest of the world, as well as international scholars, have attended our conferences to discuss and examine constructive solutions to the problems facing Iran.

An integral part of our work is to disseminate our findings to the most important international public and private decision-makers, as well as to the public. We do this by organising regular international conferences, publishing our findings, issuing press releases and policy briefings, and providing experts for media coverage. ACI has published eleven books to date and has an active network of over seven hundred experts.