‘Iranians’ living outside Iran

Written by admin in 21 February 00

10:30 Registration

  • Panel Eight – Chair: Mahmoud Aroujian (Farsi)

11:00 Mohsen Haydarian Researcher – Sweden

Iranian Organisations outside Iran

11:30 Asghar Nostarti The National Union of Iranians – Sweden

An introduction to National Union of Iranians in Sweden

12:00 Dr Fereydoun Khavand Lecturer – France

Iranians living outside Iran and the future of Iran’s economy

12:30     Q & A

13:00     Lunch

  • Panel Nine – Chair: Roya Kashefi (English / Farsi)

13:45 Mojgan Kaahen Psychologist – Belgium

Study – Cultural identity of the young Iranians growing up in Belgium

14:15 Reza Kazemzadeh Psychologist – Belgium

Iranian Language and the children of immigrants

14:45 Film Preview: ‘But you speak such good English!’

by Parisa Taghizadeh and Marjan Safinia

15:15 Break

15:30 Open discussion on points raised in the film as well as other problems facing the young Iranians living outside Iran

The Panel will be made up in alphabetical order:

Omid Jalili

Mojgan Kaahen

Reza Kazemzadeh

Shappi Khorsandi

Parisa Taghizadeh

17:00 Break

  • Panel Ten – Chair: Mehrangiz Rasapour (Farsi)

17:15 Parvaneh Soltani Scriptwriter – England

’A tale to be told’

17:30 Dr Ali-Mohamad Arbabi Advisor to UNCHR – England

Asylum seekers and Iranian Refugees

18:00 Dr Hossein Ladjevardi Researcher – France

Why “Iranians living outside Iran”

18:30 Break


  • Panel Eleven – Chair: ACI (Farsi)

18:45 Open Discussion

21:00     Close of Conference


Day Two

10:30 Registration

  • Panel Four – Chair: ACI (Farsi)

11:00 Azam Kamgouyan political activist – England

The political and cultural Movements of Iranian women outside Iran

11:15 Nasrin Parvaz Writer – England

Cultural issues concerning Iranian women’s rights outside Iran

11:30 Nahid Husseini Researcher – England

Iranian women refugees in Britain

12:00 Q & A

12:30 Lunch

  • Panel Five – Chair: Shirin Razavian (Farsi)

13:30 Dr Hassan Kianzad Doctor of Medicine – Germany

14:00 Hayedeh Ravesh Researcher – England

A study of problems of the elderly Iranian refugees in Britain in relation to social services and cultural issues within the family

14:30 Dr Nasser Adibi University of Essex – England

Matters concerning refugee and immigration

15:00 Q & A

15:30 Break

  • Panel Six – Chair: ACI (Farsi)

16:00 Iranian Parliamentary elections –

A look at Iran’s future by Iranian experts outside Iran

Panel will be made up in alphabetical order:

Dr Asghar Abdi Researcher – England

Professor Dr Shahin Fatemi Lecturer – France

Dr Freydoon Khavand Lecturer – France

Dr Hossein Ladjevardi ACI – France

Dr Hassan Mansour Lecturer – France

Dr Ali Reza Noorizadeh Journalist, researcher – England

19:30 Break

  • Panel Seven – Chair: ACI (Farsi)

20:00 Open Discussion

21:00 Close of Day Two