Consequences after Twenty years of the Iranian Revolution

Written by admin in 12 February 99

The Consequences of the Iranian Revolution,

1979 – 1999

Friday, 12 February 1999 14:00 – 20:30

Saturday, 13 February 1999 11:00 – 20:30

Sunday, 14 February 1999 11:00 – 20:30

Brunei Gallery, SOAS, University of London, Thornhaugh Street, London WC1

Day One

  • Registration and Keynote Speeches

13:30 Registration

14:00 Welcome Speech ACI

14:05 Dr Tudor Parfitt Chairman, CNMES

14:15 Dr Hossein Ladjevardi President, ACI

14:30 ‘Image and Sound of Compassion’

A selection of slides about the ‘Revolution’

Images: Manouchehr, Mazdak, Reza

15:15 Break

  • Religion and the consequences of the ‘Revolution’ – I

15:30 Dr Kasra Vafadari Lecturer – France

Zoroastrism in Islamic Iran’

16:00 Hamid Sabi England

Barrister, President of the Iranian Jewish Society

‘Judaism in Islamic Iran’

16:30 Break

  • Religion and the consequences of the ‘Revolution’ – II

16:45 Dr Abdolrahim Molazadeh England

Responsible for the Iranian Sunni League

‘Islam, Revolution and Sunniism’

17:15 Hojatoleslam Mahmoud Tabatabaie Qomi England

‘Islam, Revolution and Shi’ism’

17:45 Break

18:00 Open discussion

19:45 Break

  • A special Tribute in honour of Dr Mohamad Assemi

20:00 Dr Mohamad Assemi Germany

Writer, Journalist and proprietor of “Kaveh” periodical

“Far from ‘Home’ but, living for ‘Home’”

21:00 Close of Day One

Day Two

  • The Revolution and Economic Issues

10:30 Registration

11:00 Dr Javad Gohari Researcher – England

‘Economic demands and religious concessions’

11:30 Dr Hassan Mansour Lecturer – France

‘Modern Finance and the phenomenon of Islamic Banking: The experience of the Islamic Republic of Iran’

12:00 Dr Fereydoun Khavand Lecturer – France

‘An examination of Iranian Economy 1979 – 1999’

12:30 Open discussion

13:00 Lunch

  • The Revolution and Social Issues – I

13:30 Dr Hossein Bashiriyeh         Lecturer – Tehran University

The Crisis of Legitimisation in Iran 


14:00 Dr Jamshid Assadi Researcher, lecturer – France

‘A comparative look at world democracy in the twenty years of the Islamic Revolution’


14:30 Dr Farhad Khosrokhavar Lecturer – France

‘Iran and the present democratic movements’


15:00 Open discussion

15:30 Break

  • The Revolution and Social Issues – II

15:45 Dr Saied Peyvandi Lecturer – France

‘The experience of Islamisation of Education in Iran’


16:15 Dr Mehrdad Darvishpour Sociologist – Sweden

‘A look at the social changes effecting women in Iran during the twenty years of Islamic Revolution’


16:45 Ms Azam Kamgouyan England

Writer, researcher, Worker-Communist Party of Iran


‘Women’s Movement two decades since the Revolution’

17:15 Open discussion

17:45 Break

  • Revolution, Terrorism and Human Rights

18:00 Ms Roya Kashefi ACI, England

General Reports from International Human Rights Organisations

18:15 Dr Reza Ghafari Lecturer, writer – England

‘Memories of Prison’

18:30 Ms Nasrin Parvaz Writer – England

‘Torture and rape in the prisons of Islamic Republic’

18:45 Parviz Dastmalchi Researcher, writer – Germany

‘State Terrorism – ‘The Mykonos’ case study’

19:15 Break

19:30 Open discussion

21:00 Close of Day Two

Day Three

  • The Revolution and regional foreign policy

10:30        Registration

11:00        Anthony Hyman England

                Writer on Afghanistan, Associate editor of Central Asian Survey

                ‘Iranian foreign policy in relation with Afghanistan’

11:30        Dr Hooman Peimani Switzerland

                Researcher, International relations consultant to UN

                ‘Iran: Relations with Pakistan and Turkey 1979-1999’

12:00        Dr Ali Reza Nourizadeh Writer, Journalist – England

The Islamic Revolution and the Arab world: The relations between Iran its Arab neighbours’

12:30         Open discussion

13:00         Lunch

13:30         ‘444 Days’ Antelope, BBCtv

                      A documentary about the 52 American diplomats taken hostage in Iran

14:30           Dr Ali Mohamadi Lecturer – England

The crisis within the Iranian media twenty years after the Revolution’

15:00             Break

15:15             Admiral Kamal Habibolahi Chief of Iran’s Naval Forces 1979 – USA

‘The Armed forces before, during and since the Islamic Revolution’

15:45              Dr Hossein Ladjevardi President, ACI

                    General Report of ACI’s activities, future plans for the future of Iran

16:30             Break

  • The Revolution and Political Culture

16:45             Mustafa Madani      Leftist activist – Germany

‘The consequences of twenty years of Islamic Revolution’

17:15              Dr Ahmad Tahmasebi Researcher – Germany

‘The National Movement, Revolution and the future’

17:45              Dr Babak Amir-Khosravi     France

Member – Central committee of the People’s Democratic Party of Iran

‘The role and viewpoints of the Left in the Revolution and its evolution’

18:15              Ahmad Vahdatkhah Journalist – England

‘1999 – The Silent Revolution’

18:30              Break

18:45             Open Discussion

21:00              Close of Conference


Association of Iranian Researchers would like to announce its twenty sixth conference under the above title. This conference is convened jointly with the Centre of Near and Middle Eastern Studies.

The conference is divided into three main parts examining a variety of issues concerning the consequences and the future of economic, political and social policies. The conference participants will take an in depth look at the events of the past twenty years and offer suggestions and predictions for the way forward. Our aim, as always, is to discuss and look into as many different aspects of the chosen topics free from any bias or prejudice.

 Association of Iranian Researchers – London Office

ACI maintains an impartial and an unprejudiced approach

to all its activities and respects all schools of thought.